Friday, 7 November 2008

two posts in just over a week? i'm on a rolllllllll skidchops!

This week I had an ace brief on botox. I now know so much about botox and how its applied if you know anyone who's considering getting it in their lips,forehead,eyes, arse or whereever-send 'em to me! i'm pretty sure i'm probably just about as qualified as most botox surgeons, plus i'm pretty skint. I could go on about how gash botox really is and how much of a fool you'd have to be to even consider getting yourself pumped full of that crap - but I've been telling everyone all week and i'm so bored of talking about botox! All you need to know is that everyone who gets botox is a scrotum. End of.
Anyways, back to the actual brief - this week we had to deliver a set of 3 A3-scale posters (on botox, obviously!) ; one only using text, another just using image and the third combining the two.

So yeah, here's a few of my ideas for my 3 final posters-they still need some tweaking.

I ended up going with a mixture of these ideas for the image and text one...

Sorry you can't really read the last one - it was based on a3 format so my scanner can't really cope!
But yeah, one of the main problems with my whole resolution is it was based on white and incorporated white into the design. Which is one of the few MUSTN'Ts of the i did well there. I will have to wack them in photoshop at some point in the next week and fiddle around with them so they actually do what they're supposed to do and so that they're not a complete waste of time.

There is another image but I HATE it so much so all i'm gonna say about it is that it's got frankenstein injecting a womans eyebrow. Immense, really. It looks fucking horrible though - I'm not sure why I ever thought using a light grey pen would ever look good, but for some reason I did-putting it up amongst everyone elses ace designs on monday was horrible. I just kept cringing and hoping that no one would realise it was mine! it's definately burn-worthy. bleurgh.

Anyways it's late and i'm shattered.
Toodles! x

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