Thursday, 30 October 2008

another over-due post


So i'm at home (again...) doing this and that an not an awful amount of work. Watched loads of Dylan Moran though, I'm kinda hooked.
So yeh, last week we had a new brief - it was on colour, and my colour was green (following on from last weeks colour wheel thang). We then had to convey what that colour meant to us - on 10 little a5 squares.
After initially struggling and having no idea what to do apart from draw the hulk and some really bizarre lizard which looked slightly like Hugh Hefner (I blame Becca) I decided to go with the whole "green with envy" thing, and sadly not the lizard-pimp.
So I emailed a few mates from home and asked them who they envied most in the world - I love my mates, but I think they could be slightly mental.
I also seem to have made them all look pretty special...they don't actually look quite so weird in person.

I drew Lofty so badly, he strangely started to look a bit like Abraham Lincoln - not really sure how, but I kinda had no option but to crop his little face right out. Sorry mate!

Aye, Dade's mentuuuuuuuul.

I couldn't actually work out how to encorporate Hayley's envy into a final piece of work though - I just thought her envy was ace! fucking art students.

Anyways-here are some of the final resolutions I came up with.
As you weren't allowed to use text and image in the same resolution - I decided to use text to create an image, something i'd seen Jody Barton use in some of his work. His blog is worth a look ( - he come's across like he hates anything and everything and has a pretty grim view of the world, he's pretty political aswell and as the kersal massive would say he "dunt fuck abaht", yeah. But his work is amazing, it makes me laugh, cringe and feel depressed at all once...which is kinda special. Infact he's probably the graphic design version of Dylan Moran. He is possibly my idol. And he has a beard. And he probably has a moustache lurking somewhere. What a man! Anyway, here's one of his pieces of work using the whole "image using text" thing I was going on about before I started rambling about beards and other types of facial hair...

pretty ace ey? I've tried to post some more of his work but for some reason they aren't showing up on here. Weird. Anyways, back to my work....

This isn't all of them obviously as we were meant to do 10-but I still haven't quite finished the others so I'll have to wack the others up later.

I have also edited one of them in photoshop just to see what it'd look like ...

I'm not sure if I like these are not. I like being able to see all the mistakes in my finals, i'm not sure why, just these just look a bit too clean cut and tidy for me. I'm not sure they suit me! I'm a scruffy skid y'naaaa.

Anyways...Toodles! x

Friday, 17 October 2008

it's about time...

It's kinda been 3 weeks since I last posted on here. That's the "try and do a post a week" thing kinda wrecked already, and i've only been here just over a month. Ace. But as i've been at home all week and whilst I can hear Tom Jones roaring away in the living room with Jools Holland...I thought i'd have a go at making my blog not look quite so crap.
I suppose the whole lack of posts does mean I have a hellaaa lot to talk about. Er...
So, college - we've been doing loads of pretty mad briefs recently, week long ones then ....longer ones, one's based around peoples personalities, one's based around colour, one's based around shapes and a shitload based around the RANDOMISER! the dreaded box of words. It's rad.
One of the first brief's we were set when we started the course was to collect 10 items of a certain colour - i'd been given green, and seeings as I missed the day in which everyone brought in their coloured items and mixed em up a bit - I decided to wack mine up in my garden and take a few photos. Not quite up to the mammoth colour wheel which all my coursemates made on monday, but still!

list (just incase you can't work out/can't be arsed to work out exactly what the 10 things are):
a washing line
washing line pegs
a balloon
a weird spiked circular dog toy?
a cellulose foam wipey thing
a straw
a feather
a foam letter
a strange christmas tree plastic tray thing.
a father christmas spoon


Anyway, so yer, the brief we've all been working on this week is creating a typeface around someones personality - my person is Heather. After initally having absolutely no idea what to do with this brief, I finally settled into it after my crit, which really helped - everyone had a load of ideas and I soon realised I had it a lot easier than a lot of people so I decided to get stuck in. One of the words I used to describe Heather was sweet, which was a word everyone seemed to agree with when I asked them what they thought of her. So - as heather was SWEEEEEET! i decided to go along those lines a bit...about 5 bars of chocolate later, i got this. Which although isn't really workable as a typeface, i'm just chuffed I actually got to make it, as the temptation just to scoff all that chocolate was pretty bad. I realise the glyphs look pretty gash, but you try making them out of chocolate pieces, it's REALLY HARD. hah.

I've also got some work from a couple of weeks ago which I hadn't yet uploaded...oops! so i'll wack it up here now whilst i've got the chance.
This brief was based around the wonderful randomer yet again! This time the word I picked out was Compress. We then had to produce a set of 10 a6 images which we felt conveyed the word "compress" in an interesting visual way, whilst using letter forms. I immediately knew I didn't just want a random set of letters to be included in my final outcome - I wanted those 10 final resolutions to actually spell out something to do with compress. However the only decent word I could find that had 10 letters in to do with compress...was diminish. And even that I had to add "to" to the beginning of it to make up the 10 letters, whay! Anyways...after deciding what words to use alongside my ideas I then I decided I wanted to go for a very literal "compress" after many googling sessions of the word compress I finally came up with these...ooooh yeaaaah, there's a party popper in there! mint.

Reeeet-i'm off to do some more work, night! x