Sunday, 28 September 2008

I love typography

As I enter my third week as an official graphic design degree student (oh yeh!) i've been looking loaaads into experimental(ish) typography, mainly so I can carry on with my letter sketchbooks but also cos typography is pretty ace really. I bought Hand Job recently which is probably the best spent tenner ever. Everything in there is amazing - i'm into my handrawn stuff and Michael Perry the bloke who err...wrote? the book is rad. 
Cop a load of this ...

 Fit eyyy? I've also got a few scans from Street Sketchbook which is more graffiti based but also has some ace typography in it too.

I also stumbled across some guys homage to Milton Glazer, it's done by an Israeli guy called Oded Ezer, who's work i've been looking at recently - it's pretty rad. 

He also did this ode to helvetica, everyone's favourite typeface, which i thought kinda related to the work we've been doing in college at the moment, using everyday objects to create type.  Plus, it looks tasty as!

Last week we were set our first group brief, we had to do a 2 minute group presentation on why our vowel (i) was the best. Some groups used animation, stop motion and plain old ad campaigns to get their point across. We, did a dictatorship! We thought it was a good idea, it was a good idea. I think we rushed it a bit and were slightly disorganised - but thanks to Carls amazing windows movie maker skills we managed to pull it off and fill the two minute slot. I think it made us all realise we need to organise ourselves and communicate more as a group. We didn't win, but clearly should've. Maybe. 
Anyway - here's the 1940's style flyer I designed to go alongside the video and posters we made. It kinda makes me cringe. 

Anyway - i'm knackered and have gotta be up in a few hours. Toodles.x.


heatherbradleybagd said...

Hello you..

I've put that image by Oded Ezer on my blog too haha. We have great taste =D


Luke Hallam said...

hii :) yes! someone else who hasnt posted much! im getting worried about the amount people have put on their blogs.

ohh kate! said...

hannah mason eats scrotes on toast.