Wednesday, 27 January 2010

a failed attempt at a zine.

they're harder than they look.

Wish i'd come up with this idea earlier than yesterday, I'm not exactly happy with the outcome. The message is there, somewhere...although it's probably hidden amongst the super spunk mobiles and spudnik the liger. If anyone actually does decide to buy it...I can assure you that all money will go to charities working in Haiti. Yeaaaah charitable blackmail! the best kind.

and just because i'm probably in love with mulleted rednecks right now...

muff love.x


-DEADBOY- said...

If you would have blackmailed me with Haiti then I may have had to empty my student pockets & buy one! Your Blog is pretty spectacular! Ashame I didn't get to see more of your work at the Fair because its awesome!

hannahmasonbagd said...

why thank you! Yeah, I had literally nothing at the book fayre apart from 2 zines! I had no idea what to expect, well apart from books obviously. ha. but next time I shall have a lot more stuff. but cheers man, hope you enjoyed your day! I certainly did.